Restaurante Suite 191
Solicitud de Menu
C.Reserves: 93 218 30 00
C/ Aribau, 191
08021 - Barcelona
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Zone: Sarrià Sant Gervasi
Visa Dinners Mastercad Red6000 Parking
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The essence of the room Suite 191 is an area full of new technologies. Suite 191 fuses, food and a great club, a concept that is becoming more fashionable because it allows, after enjoying a good meal, a drink accompanied by good music and good atmosphere without having to travel.

Their extensive menu offers us an exquisite Mediterranean cuisine where dishes such as Cream of fresh spinach, artichoke chips chestnuts and sautéed prawns, the Rigatonis painted with squid ink sauce and seafood, the Suquet monkfish with mashed potatoes and garlic aioli on Entrecotte or Grilled with red wine sauce and potato puff, among others ...

The decor is totally modern Suite 191, consisting of large spaces with a myriad of LED lights, which provide a wide range of colors, adapting to any corporate color to embodiments of events for brands and companies.

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